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News & Topics in 2003

30 June, 2003
Notice of Directors Appointment
Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment as follows.

(New)NAKAMACHI, YoshiyukiChairman of the Board
 UCHIYAMA, TakuroPresident & Chief Executive Officer
Committee for selecting and introduction on new type of aircraft
 KUNUGI, YoshioExecutive Vice President
Marketing & Sales, Traffic, Cargo 2000
 SEKIGUCHI, NagonManaging Director & Senior Vice President
General Manager, Europe & Amsterdam
 MAKINO, NaoshigeManaging Director & Senior Vice President
General Manager, USA & New York
 IMAI, HiroshiManaging Director & Senior Vice President
General Administration, IT Management,
Security & Emergency Response Planning Committee
(New)TSURUNO, YasutakaManaging Director & Senior Vice President
International Affairs, Airport Facilities
(New)NAGAKURA, MinoruDirector & Senior Vice President
Flight Operations, System Operations Control, Safety Promotion Committee
(New)NOMURA, TakuzoDirector & Senior Vice President
Aircraft Maintenance, Safety
Promotion Committee
(New)OTSUKI, TetsufumiDirector & Senior Vice President
Corporate Planning
(New)OKUDA, HideharuDirector & Senior Vice President
Finance & Accounting
 WAKABAYASHI, ZenzaburoDirector & Senior Vice President (*)
 OHASHI, YojiDirector & Senior Vice President (*)
(New)KUSAKARI, TakaoDirector & Senior Vice President (*)
(New)IRIE, ToruDirector & Senior Vice President (*)
(New)ASHIDA, AkimitsuDirector & Senior Vice President (*)
(New)ICHIKAWA, ToruCorporate Auditor
 OUCHI, ToshiakiCorporate Auditor (*)
 SHINDO, JosukeCorporate Auditor (*)
(*) : External Officers