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News & Topics in 2003

1 September, 2003
Changes on Tariff rules
-effective 01 OCT-
Following changes on IATA resolution 503(Charges in relation to value) and 598(Baggage shipped as cargo) adopted by mail vote will come into effect from October 1,2003. (Necessary government approvals have been obtained)

Resolution 503 (Charges in relation to value)
The percentage of valuation charge is changed from 0.5% to 0.75%, with exception of 0.5% from South West Pacific.

Resolution 598 (Baggage shipped as cargo)
Applicable rate for unaccompanied baggage is changed to "Applicable GCR", instead of "50% of Normal GCR", with exception of "50% of Normal GCR" from South West Pacific, Malaysia and Thailand.