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17 October, 2003
Cargo2000 certification for NCA
Nippon Cargo Airline has started the quality improvement activity based on the Cargo2000 quality management system standard at NRT, SFO, and JFK since September 1, 2003.

Cargo2000 is an IATA interest group of some 24 major Airlines and Freight Forwarders (as of September 2003), set up in 1997, setting the unique mission of implementing a new quality management system for the worldwide air cargo industry.

NCA had passed the audit by Cargo2000 in the end of June 2003 and acquired certification for the shipments of NRT, SFO, and JFK at the same time.

Now, NCA finished internal tests and some adjustments, and has been participated in the cargo 2000 as a certified member.

Certification means NCA is fully compliant the quality standards of Cargo2000. NCA will try to further implement these standards at the other stations, and provide better transportation quality.

Visit to find out more about Cargo2000.

* NCA is preparing to obtain certification for SIN and SPL by March 2003 and also LAX, CHI, HKG and KIX in the near future.