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News & Topics in 2004

31 May, 2004
Increase of Fuel Surcharge
(Subject to government approval)
Please be advised that Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) will increase its Fuel Surcharge from the current JPY18 per kilo to JPY24 per kilo effective July 16, 2004.

NCA has been applying the fuel surcharge of JPY18 per kg since February 01, 2004 to reflect the rise of fuel prices from last November, however fuel prices have been boosted and further risen to the extent that places extraordinary financial burden on us.

Since the fuel prices have exceeded USD39.44 per barrel for over 20 consecutive business days and still continues its upward trend, we regrettably have to increase the surcharge to maintain our service quality at the level expected from you.

Please be guided by the following in issuing air waybills on and after July 16, 2004

1. Fuel Surcharge is JPY24 per kilogram on shipment from Japan.
2. Fuel Surcharge is to be calculated on the Chargeable Weight of each Air waybill.
3. Fuel Surcharge is not applicable to minimum charge shipments.
4. Total amount of Fuel Surcharge must be shown on the Air waybill in the "Other Charges- Due Carrier box" using the charges-code"MY".
In addition, add the Fuel Surcharge amount along with "Total Other Charges Due Carrier" in the "Prepaid" or "Collect" box on the Air waybill.
5. Fuel Surcharge can be paid by either Prepaid or Collect but Prepaid or Collect shall be determined by the payment of Weight Charge.
6. NCA will decrease applicable fuel surcharge to JPY18/kg if the fuel price in Singapore Kerosene falls below USD34.80 per barrel (150% of the average fuel price of 1995 to 1999) for 20 consecutive business days and further decrease it to JPY12/kg if the fuel price falls below USD 30.13 per barrel (130% of the average fuel price of 1995 to 1999) for 20 consecutive business days. In the event that fuel price falls below USD23.20 per barrel (average fuel price of 1995 to 1999) for 20 consecutive business days, NCA will withdraw the fuel surcharge.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter, and thank you for your continued support of NCA.