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News & Topics in 2004

14 July, 2004
New procedures related to US CBP regulation

Dear NCA Customers

Regarding the new regulation of the Advance Electronic Presentation of Cargo information published by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), NCA would like to announce its status of compliance and basic handling policy as follows;

1. Date of implementation

All NCA flights including the flights to/from Europe are to be regulated from December 13, 2004.
CBP announced following implementation schedule
East Coast US port of entry: August 13,2004
Central US port of entry: October 13,2004
West Coast, Alaska, etc: December 13, 2004
Since all NCA flights enter into USA at West Coast or Anchorage, so NCA should start compliance on December 13,2004.

2. Basic Handling requirement
(Detailed Handling requirement will be announced later.)

All information related to air cargo brought into USA as well as in-transit air cargo will be required to be transmitted electronically to AAMS (Air Automated Manifest System) at least 4hours prior to the arrival of the flight at the first port of entry in USA.

When your shipment is forwarded from Asia to USA, Europe or Europe to Asia by NCA flights, CBP regulations shall be applied to your shipment.

NCA is responsible for the transmission of a complete set of information at Master Air Waybill (MAWB) level for non-consolidated and consolidated shipments. NCA is also responsible to transmit a complete set of information at House Air Waybill (HAWB) level when other eligible parties like ABI filers, Container Freight Stations identified FIRMS code will not transmit HAWB data to AMS by themselves.

As the consolidator exclusively possesses HAWB information, NCA needs to be disclosed and presented with complete and accurate HAWB information that is required by CBP. Even other party directly send AMS HAWB information, it is still necessary for NCA to be informed with all HAWB information in case of split or part shipments.

Detailed HAWB information must include the following:
HAWB Number (up to 12 alphanumeric)
Three letter code of the airport of origin
Three letter code of the airport of destination
Precise description of the goods
Number of pieces
Complete name and address of the original shipper
Complete name and address of the ultimate consignee

NCA offers you two methods to supply HAWB information
a) EDI with the use of FHL2 messages
This is the preferred method of NCA which has a connection with CCSJ for EDI.
The massage must be received electronically prior to document acceptance.
* Some vendors such as TRAXON EUR provide web option for forwarders who do not have EDI connection with CCS but prefer to send electronic data.
b) Manual entry based on presented documents
If your computer cannot send FHL2 messages, NCA will offer manual entry.
In this case, NCA may set earlier cut off time for acceptance depends on each station's situation.

If you choose to send HAWB information directly to AMS, NCA needs to be informed sender's unique ID code in FWB messages OSI line.

Whichever method you choose, following documents need to be attached to the MAWB at the time of acceptance.
a) Copy of the detailed consolidation manifest (or copy of each HAWB)
It will be a temporary measure to back up EDI data in the early stage to facilitate compliance. We will withdraw this requirement when we could confirm stability of EDI operation.
b) Consolidation manifest for each ULD if the consolidation is build-up on several ULDs.

3. Responsibility
Although NCA is responsible for transmitting the information on the basis of what NCA believes to be true or correct, the shippers are ultimately responsible for completeness and correctness of the information. Therefore forwarders will be liable to NCA for any loss or expense NCA racked up due to incorrectness or incompleteness of provided information.

4. Cost measures
Since CBP regulations will significantly increase our cost, NCA have to request our customers to share part of the additional cost. New miscellaneous house charge with two levels based on the way to acquire HAWB information is anticipated.

5. Your choice/EDI test
NCA would like to request you to inform us which way you choose to handle HAWB information.
Please complete attached questionnaire and send it back to NCA sales representative in your station by July 30,2004.

If you choose to send us FHL2 messages, we need to have EDI testing.
For necessary arrangement, you are kindly requested to confirm PIMA address of the FHL sender and contact with;

Mr. Kurita or Mr. Yokoyama, Cargo System Planning
Phone: 81-3-6735-5564
Fax: 81-3-6735-5639

Thank you very much for your attention and continued support on NCA.


House Airwaybill Information to CBP

In order to implement CBP compliance smoothly, NCA needs following information. Please complete this form and send it back to your contact in NCA.

1. Contact

Name of person in charge:

phone: Fax: Email:

2. Transmission of House Airwaybill Information to CBP
  Please check your choice to transmit House Airwaybill Information to CBP.
・Direct transmission to AMS by yourself
  ・The same Agent Unique ID/FIRMS code should be used.
・Different Agent Unique ID/FIRMS code may be used.
・EDI with the use of FHL2 messages
  Your vendor to transmit FHL to NCA
Your PIMA address
When EDI testing can be implemented?
Do you intend to transmit House Airwaybill Information directly to AMS in the future?
・Paper submission for NCA's manual entry

Your comment:

Thank you for your cooperation.

Terms related to CBP regulations
CBP US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
US government organization under the Homeland Security
AAMS Air Automated Manifest System
US Customs Clearance system for Carriers
ABI filers* Automated Broker Interface
ABI is US Customs Clearance system for Brokers
An ABI filer is an authorized customs broker identified by its unique ID code. They have ability of electronic access with US Customs system.
FIRMS code* Facilities Information and Resources Management System
FIRMS code is an identifier for Container Freight Station / De-consolidator.
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic data, information exchange scheme between business entities using standardized message format.
CCS Cargo Community System
EDI link-up system in Air Cargo Industry which connect computer system of forwarders, airlines, Customs and Banks etc. Communication between Airlines and Forwarders is carried out through CCS by using the message format defined by IATA Cargo Interchange Message Procedures (IATA Cargo IMP)
CCSJ Cargo Community System Japan
CCS founded by Airlines and Forwarders in Japan. A member of Traxon group. NCA has EDI link with CCSJ which has contracts with other major CCSs such as Traxon Europe.
FHL2 Consolidation list message version 2 defines by IATA Cargo IMP
Detailed House Manifest information per House Air waybill
FWB Air Waybill data message defined by IATA Cargo IMP
OSI line Other Service Information
PIMA Participant identification and message addressing
Scheme required for sending/receiving IATA Cargo IMP messages through CCS
A.M.S. Automated Manifest System=AAMS AMS is normally identified as Air Automated Manifest System in Air cargo industry.

* ABI filers and FIRMS code holders can transmit HAWB information directly to AMS by themselves. In this case, the carrier needs to transmit sender's ID code to AMS instead of HAWB data. NCA requests forwarders who makes direct transmission to send FWB containing ID code on OSI line. NCA, however, has to obtain and transmit HAWB data to CBP in case of the subject shipment is forwarded sprit basis.