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News & Topics in 2007

2007.12.10 NCA's Revised Fuel Surchargs for Flight Out of Japan Approved
2007.12.05 NCA supports overseas volunteer activity of Tochigi Industrial High School of Tochigi Prefecture
2007.11.30 Renewel of NCA fleet to be stepped up NCA to operate all flights with B747-400F aircarft from April 2008
2007.11.30 Application to revise fuel surcharges for flights departing from Japan
2007.11.16 NCA Supports "China-Japan Plan to preserve Nipponia Nippon"
2007.11.09 NCA Apollo makes its maiden flight to Singapore and Bangkok
2007.10.17 NCA's Revised Fuel Surchargs for Flights Out of Japan Approved
2007.10.15 Revision of fuel surcharge for flights out of Japan
2007.10.09 Establishment of "NCA's Global Operations Center"
2007.09.20 NCA starts services between KIX and PEK on September 29
2007.08.09 Order placed for construction of a crew training center and an engineering & maintenance hangar
2007.07.24 Revision of fuel surcharge system and increase of fuel surcahrge for flight out of Japan
2007.07.18 NCA resume its Seoul route on July 24
2007.07.05 IATA Cargo Committee has selected NCA as a member
2007.07.02 NCA's maintenance of B747-400F to begin July 1
2007.06.22 Announcement of NCA New Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors
2007.06.13 Jett8 Obtains Air Operator Certificate from Singapore Government
2007.04.16 Medium- to Long-term Business Plan "NCA Phoenix Project 2.0"
2007.04.03 NCA's business structure in the United States and Europe
2007.04.02 Promoting Renewal of the NCA Fleet
2007.03.26 NCA places order for world's first B747-8F Flight Simulator
2007.03.16 NCA's Computer Center Opens
2007.02.23 Changes of Directors
2007.02.13 Business Collaboration with Singapore's Jett8 Airlines