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News & Topics in 2008

                                                                                                                                                  April 1, 2008

Changes in the Board of Directors and Organizational Reform

    1.Board of Directors

       (1)Retirement as of March 31, 2008

           Takuro Uchiyama      Vice Chairman of the Board

           Shunichi Fujimura     Senior Vice President and Director of NCA Japan Co.,Ltd.

           Effective April 1, Takuro Uchiyama will become Senior Advisor and Shunichi Fujimura will be

           dispatched International Air Cargo Co.,Ltd.


       (2)New Appointment as of April 1, 2008

           Mitsuo Oshima          Senior VIce President and Managing Director of NCA Japan Co.,Ltd.

   2.Organizational Reform of April 1, 2008

     (1)The Overseas Management team will be created in the General Affairs Department.

     (2)GSA Department will be newly set up in Administration HQ.

     (3)The Budget and Coordination team will be integrated into Corporate Planning team in the Corporate

          Planning Department.              

     (4)The Crew Section 1 and Crew Section 2 teams under the Flight Crew of the Flight Crew Department

          will both be abolished. The Crew Section 3 will be renamed as the NARITA Crew Section.

     (5)The Customer Services Team under the Central Japan Airport Branch will be abolished.