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April 2, 2009

The President’s Message to the 2009 recruits

On behalf of everyone at Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new employees.

You are starting a new life at a time when the world has been hit by an unprecedented once-in-a-century economic crisis. NCA is flying straight into the teeth of a tempestuous storm which we have never experienced before. I hope that all of you here today will join us to exert your youthful energy and power in our fight against this critical situation. A young person who stands with his head held high is a powerful stimulus to his seniors and superiors. You are taking your first steps into society, but I am confident that this experience of hardship will become a great asset to you in the future.

NCA celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. In that memorable year, NCA was reborn as an independent company, having accomplished independence in maintenance, flight operations, IT and traffic department. In the coming summer, NCA will accomplish independence in flight crew and the remainder of our IT operations. The Crew Training Center and flight simulator are already operational and, combined with the completion of the maintenance hangar, we will conclude the process and declare full independence. To join NCA at this historic juncture is of great significance and, in this new era, you are the ones to create the new NCA. Indeed, today is the first day to start renovating NCA with the ambition of making it the world’s pre-eminent cargo carrier.

While many tasks are often formidable, our work is not only interesting but you will also be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. Each of us is rewarded for our efforts. I sincerely hope that you will fully exhibit your abilities and that will unquestionably be reflected in your future life.

I would like you to open the door to “hope Eand together with your colleagues and friends, use your power and energy to build a wonderful life.

Once again, I welcome you to NCA.


                               For further inquiries: Public Relations.