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News & Topics in 2009

                                                                                                                                        June 11, 2009

NCA cooperates with “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures” Exhibition:

             Exclusive transporter between Milan and Tokyo of 490 artifacts that have been beneath the waves

                                                                for more than 1,000 years

Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA, Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Tadamasa Ishida) will exclusively transport 490 crown-jewel artifacts from Milan to Narita International Airport to be exhibited as “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures ? The ancient cities of Alexandria region come alive from the undersea for the world to see.” The exhibition will be part of the events marking the 150th anniversary of the opening of Yokohama Port.

A Boeing 747-400 will be deployed three times to transport a total of 90 tons of artifacts - including three gigantic statues each up to 6 meters tall and weighing 5 to 7 tons - as well as smaller stone statues, jewelry and coins. The heavy and bulky pieces are historically valuable. NCA will be handling the freight with the utmost care and caution during the entire transportation process in order that they reach their destination safely.

“Egypt’s Sunken Treasure” is an exhibition that travels to venues around the world, displaying numerous crown-jewel artifacts recovered from three glorious Egyptian cities that are 2,000 years old and were discovered undisturbed beneath the sea off Alexandria. The collection has been traveling between various European cities since 2006, but Yokohama will be the first site the collection will be on show outside Europe. The exhibition will be held between June 27 (Thursday) and September 23 (Wednesday), 2009, at Pacifico Yokohama (Nishi-ku, Yokohama.) For more information, visit: “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures” at

With its high mobility and transportation services that have been recognized around the world as being top-class, NCA supports the “Egypt’s Sunken Treasures” exhibition.

【Flight operation schedule】

           Date    Flight No.


  June  8, 2009    KZ017  Milan(Milan Malpensa International Airport) 16:15 - Narita 11:00+1
  June 11, 2009    KZ017  Milan(Milan Malpensa International Airport) 11:45 - Narita 06:30+1
  June 13, 2009    KZ019  Milan(Milan Malpensa International Airport) 00:45 - Narita 19:30


          Hapy under the sea                                             NCA, Boeing 747-400F    

                「The Ptolemaic dynasty、 around B.C. 4th centry」

                       cFranck Goddio/Hilti Foundation - Photo: Christoph Gerigk



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