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March 4, 2010

NCA’s Support for Relief Supplies for Chile Quake Disaster


Nippon Cargo Airlines(NCA, head office in Narita-shi, Chiba ;President Tadamasa Ishida) has decided to offer charitable transportation of relief goods supplies for Chile Disaster occurred on February 27, 2010 as a humanitarian undertaking.
The details are shown bellow:

1. Route and Flight :
   There is no particular restriction to departing country or region of the cargo, provided that the cargo should be

   brought and carried, at consignor’s (shipper’s) responsibility and cost, into NCA at the airport from which

   NCA has its scheduled operation.

   【North America on-line airport: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York、E
        �E�EPlease see attached file for flight schedule
   However, trucking or other means of transportation beyond the airport mentioned above is to be arranged and

   paid by either shipper or consignee.

2. Requirements for application:
   1)Consignor (Shippers) and consignee (receivers) should be public institutions such as the Red Cross,

      governments and local authorities (any country is acceptable). Direct request from individuals, private

      company and private institution like NGO is not acceptable. In such a case those parties must first

      consult with public institutions above mentioned.

   2)Contract information of consignees (shippers) and receivers should be specified clearly.
   3)Places of departure/arrival should be those airports from and to which NCA provides services.
   4)Customs clearance and ground transit should be arranged before hand by the consignee.
   5)Cargoes should be such items as tents, blankets, clothes, medical supplies, nonperishable foods,

      drinking water and other relief materials. In principle, dangerous goods, perishables and animals are

      excluded from the items for NCA’s relief supplies transportation.
   6)As a basic rule, gross weight per application should not exceed 1 metric ton, with gross cubic capacity

      not exceeding 6?
   7)The departing flight of the aid supply should be subject to the flight availability.

3. Applicable period: Effective from March 4 till the end of 31 March 2010.


For further inquiries : Public Relations,