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News & Topics in 2010

November  08, 2010

                   Immediate Enforcement of TSA Security Measures for USA

Please be advised that the US TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has issued urgent security notice to all carriers, which is intended to reinforce security requirements applicable to all US bound shipment ex non-US locations with immediate effect. In this regard, NCA will not accept shipments mentioned as below and have to strictly comply with below requirements:

1. Embargo Shipments

(1) Each MAWB shall NOT contain the shipment described as "PERSONAL EFFECTS",

"HOUSEHOLD GOODS", or the commodity information is determined to be missing or inaccurate.

(2) The shipment is paid for by cash or personal check or shipped Cashed on Delivery.

(3) The shipper, IATA-registered agent, other cargo agent, freight forwarder, consolidator or air carrier does not have all of the following:
An established business relationship of more than 30 calendar days
and an established shipping address
and an established billing address

(4) Cargo accepted from a foreign air carrier’s direct employees or authorized representatives.

2. Effective date : Effective from November 9th departing flight

3. Applicability : All shipments and mail destined for the United States 


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