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10 June, 2011

NCA Temporarily changes Company Holidays

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co.,Ltd.(NCA) will change Company Holidays of the head office “from Saturday & Sunday to Sunday & Monday” for the demand restraint of electrical power in July to September.However, there is no change in all NCA flight services.

NCA apologizes sincerely for this, and for any inconvenience the change would cause and highly appreciates your understanding.

【Change Contents】
Holiday: July11 (Mon), 19 (Tue), 25(Mon)
Day of duty: July9 (Sat), 16(Sat), 23(Sat)
The others are as calendar.

Holiday: August 8(Mon), 15(Mon), 22(Mon), 29(Mon)
Day of duty: August 6(Sat), 13(Sat), 20(Sat), 27(Sat)
The others are as calendar.

Holiday: September 12(Mon)
Day of duty: September 10(Sat)
The others are as calendar.


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