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which can maximize PMC-ULD space utilization

News & Topics in 2013

December 25 , 2013
NCA newly start to utilize “MEIJIE One-Pallet 96Air”
which can maximize PMC-ULD space utilization

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Narita-shi, Chiba: President Fukashi Sakamoto) newly introduce One-Pallet 96Air (replacing wooden skids), in Collaboration with MEIJIE Co.,LTD.

One-Pallet 96Air is the hybrid pallet, which is composed of a plastic frame with nine legs (structure combined design), and special water-repellent, durable cardboard.
One-Pallet 96Air is environmental friendly, the plastics & cardboard materials are 100% recyclable.

Although One-Pallet 96Air is 1200 x 1000mm (47.2 x 39.3inch) in size, 6pieces can be loaded onto PMC ULD with perfect fit, which enables utilization of full area for the maximum cargo build-up volume.
(e.g. with B747 maindeck compartment load ULD contour, about 1.1M3 volume improvement achieved).

One-Pallet 96Air is MEIJIE Co.,LTD.’s Patented product.

● Inquiry for purchase of One-Pallet 96Air
     (except JAPAN)
    WuXi Meijie Logistics Technology Co., LTD
   Room 607, Kairun Office Building, No.1611 North Sichuan Rd., Shanghai, China zip: 200080
   Office tel: 86-2163078799

   Meijie Co., LTD
   AzumaSouko.1-53-7 Hikoe, Misato-shi, Saitama 341-0058, Japan
   Office tel: 81-48-951-5331

● Q&A with utilization upon Air-Cargo build-up
   Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. (NCA)
   NCA Line Maintenance Hangar, Narita International Airport Narita-shi, Chiba 282-0011, Japan


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