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News & Topics in 2015

June 19, 2015

New Members of the Board of Directors & Auditors

NCA is pleased to announce the appointment of new Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors, effective from June 19, 2015.

Chairman of the Board Yasumi Kudo (NEW)  
President & Chief Executive Officer Fukashi Sakamoto

Emergency Response Planning Committee,

Safety Promotion Committee,

Compliance Committee,

Internal Audit

Airport Branch offices inside Japan

Branch Offices outside Japan

Senior Executive Managing Director Takashi Saito

Chief Safety Officer

Safety Promotion

Safety Internal Audit

Flight Crew

Check Pilot

Managing Director Yoshimasa Sekiguchi

Chief Compliance Officer,

General Affairs,


Managing Director Kunio Ito

Corporate Planning,

Finance & Accounting,

International & Governmental Affairs

Managing Director Takashi Matsumura

Business Planning & Strategy,


Corporate Business Development ACMI/Charter,


NCA Americas Headquarters

Managing Director Mitsuo Oshima

Japan Sales

Senior Vice President Tatsuya Iida

IT Strategy,

Legal Affairs

Senior Vice President Hiroyuki Homma

Operations Planning,

Operations Management,

Operations Control

Senior Vice President Hiroshi Oka

President & Chief Executive Officer, NCA Japan Co.,Ltd.

Senior Vice President Kiyoji Matsuda Engineering & Maintenance
Corporate Auditor Atsushi Murai  
Corporate Auditor Hitoshi Oshika *  

【Resignation】(expiration of term of office on June 19, 2015)
Koji Miyahara, Chairman of the Board

For further inquiries:Please mail to Corporate Planning