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April 16, 2018

NCA expand refrigerating facility in Narita Warehouse

Nippon Cargo Airlines Ltd. (NCA) is pleased to announce that starting from middle of May 2018, NCA is expanding its warehouse storage capacity for perishable shipments in the NCA bonded warehouse at the southern part of Narita Airport.

The new refrigerator will be installed next to the existing refrigerator, which will have doubled capacity. Preset temperature is 41°F (5°C).

Current capacity : 3,153 sq. ft. (294 M2)
New capacity : 6,306 sq. ft. (588 M2)

The expansion of the refrigerated space will enable NCA to provide a larger and more reliable storage area for perishable cargo, imported fresh food products, etc.

The newly added refrigerator has a state-of-the-art panel structure with no internal pillars. Additionally, the interior of the building is designed to efficiently load and unload freighter-sized ULDs with a maximum height of 118 inches.

NCA will continue to work to further improve transportation quality.

For further inquiries:Please mail to General Affairs