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News & Topics in 2008

22 February, 2008

NCA's Website Renewal (

Easier Access to New Information

Nippon Cargo Airlines (Headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo: President Tadamasa Ishida) has renovated its website to provide customers with more information and additional opportunities to familiarize themselves with NCA.

NCA considers the website an imoprtant tool in which to communitate better with customers. In the newly refurbished website, we have strengthened the system to obtain views and request from customers, and provide timely information in a comprehensible manner. The operability of the site was also improved to enable NCA's customers to obtain neccessary information more easily.

In additio, we created a new section where users can see the close relationship between NCA and people's life through cargo transportation, and feel an affinity with the company. The website also introduces NCA's philanthropy and environmental-friendly activities, which will be promoted more actively. Moreover, a gallery page and kids page will be newly established to enhance the contents.

NCA will continue its efforts to achieve safe operations and environmental-friendly management, and provide swift and comprehensible information.