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News & Topics in 2009

                                                                                                                                          July 24, 2009

                                                  NCA’s Revision of Flight Routes

Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA, Headquartered in Chiba; President: Tadamasa Ishida) is promoting a dramatic business reform in its revenue and expenditure structures under the new mid- and long term business plan called the NCA Phoenix Project -- “Declaration of Evolution. E/p>

Due to the critical economic environment surrounding the international air cargo business, we have decided to suspend our route to Frankfurt. Starting with the 2009 Winter flight schedule (beginning Oct. 25, 2009), our service to Europe will be concentrated on two routes: Japan-Amsterdam and Japan-Milan.

We shall continue to focus on our cost-saving efforts as well as securing an appropriate level of revenue in order to maintain sound flight operations.

We seek the kind understanding and cooperation of our customers.

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