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                                                                                                                                 January 31, 2014


                                  Change of Billing Method to CASS

                                      (Abolition of IATA commission)

NCA has been calculating IATA commission based on IATA regulation (Cargo Tariff Conference 16aa; Commission for IATA Cargo Agents) and put the commission on CASS INVOICE so that settled airfreights with customers/agents through CASS.
However, the regulation (016aa) was proposed to be deleted in IATA Cargo Tariff Conference last year and we have considered internally how to treat it since the proposal was raised.
Finally NCA decided to abolish IATA commission and changed the billing method from Standard billing to Net billing not mentioning IATA commission on CASS INVOICE from April 2014 with customers’ understanding.

The billed amount calculated by the agreed rate with customers will be unchanged after abolition of IATA (0%) commission.
In case that airfreights are not settled though CASS but invoice, the description of the invoice will be shown in the same manner (net billing) as CASS.

If you have any questions in this paper, please contact our sales staffs in your country/area.

We appreciate that you would understand the above and cooperate with us.