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                                                                                                                               February 23, 2015

                                                                                                               Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd.

Dear Valued Customers,


                              Handling of Lithium Metal Batteries (UN3090 SectionⅡ)


 In compliance with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) 56th edition effective 1st January 2015 which includes amendments to requirements for shipping lithium batteries by air, we hereby inform you of our handling condition of lithium batteries as follows.


1. Applicable Shipment

UN3090 Lithium metal batteries Section II (Packing Instruction 968)

Hereinafter referred to as “UN3090 Section II”

Note: The following condition is acceptable as DG in consolidations. (same condition as other DG).

 -One(1) MAWB with one(1) HAWB

 -One(1) MAWB with more than one(1) HAWB which have the same shipper and different consignees.

2. Acceptance and DG fee

 In compliance with new requirement on UN3090 Section Ⅱ, individual acceptance check needs to be done before building up ULDs and loading to our aircraft. Considering this condition, we would like to apply Dangerous Goods Fee as dangerous goods stipulated on IATA DGR.

【Required information at the timing of booking】

Straight  Shipment

・Declaration that your shipment contains UN3090 Section Ⅱ

・The number of package and weight for UN3090 Section Ⅱ

Consolidation Shipment

・Declaration that your shipment contains UN3090 Section Ⅱ

・The House AWB number which contains UN3090 Section Ⅱ, and the number of package and weight

  for UN3090 SectionⅡper House AWB

The contents which must be declared on AWB(Straight/Consolidation shipment)

    1) Necessary information stipulated on IATA DGR

    2) The House AWB number which contains UN3090 Section Ⅱ and the number of package and

         Weight for UN3090 SectionⅡper House AWB 

         (Please refer Attachment)

■ Handling Fee

     Please contact your local NCA sales office

■ Cut off time (cargo arrival time into NCA warehouse)

     Same as other DG shipment


Customers that are shipping lithium batteries by air should ensure compliance with these new regulations in order to avoid unnecessary delays with cargo movement.
IATA DGR stipulates that UN3090 Section Ⅱ must be carried into NCA warehouse separately from Non-DG shipment.

For specific questions, please contact NCA sales or reservation.
Your understanding and cooperation for safety and security will be highly appreciated.


Attachments:  Example of AWB



                                                                      - End -