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February 25, 2019

Nippon Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd

Dear Valued Customers,

Enhancement for Reporting Scheme of “Advance Cargo Information” for Japan Customs

Thank you very much for your usual support extended to NCA.

Please be informed that Japan Customs have announced additional requirements regarding submission of advance cargo information as below. Your understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.


1.Effective date:March 17th , 2019 (From the 1st flight arrive at NRT on that day.)

From March 4th, we will start accepting necessary cargo information (EDI and necessary documents) in advance, in terms of reliably responding from the commencement.

2.Subject for Custom Law and the regulations:

(1)Inbound shipments into Japan

(2)Transit shipments.

3.Required items

(1)Customer who can send FWB and FHL

Data elements to be required
FWB FHL(when HAWB exists)
  • MAWB Number
  • Place of Origin,
  • Place of Destination
  • Pieces and Weight,
  • Goods-Description
  • *Shipper Name and Address
  • *Consignee Name and Address

(*)New items.

  • *HAWB Number
  • *Place of Origin
  • *Place of Destination
  • *Pieces and Weight,
  • *Goods-Description
  • *Shipper Name and Address
  • *Consignee Name and Address

(*) New items.

※ Even if customer can take EDI methodology, you are required to submit the House manifest which describes Shipper/Consignee name and address.

(2)Customer who can NOT send FWB and FHL

You must be required to submit physical documents as follows.


② House manifest which describe Shipper/Consignee name and address

③ Request to Register HAWB Information

*Please see attached application form.


  • We will charge for manual data capture. (Please contact to the local sales office for detailed charge.)
  • Regarding data elements, refer to above (1).
  • Customer will be requested input the charge amount into the other charge field on MAWB.

① EDI : CG. as due carrier ② Manual entry : CC as due carrier

4.Direct transmission

When the shipper or agent sends HAWB information directly to the customs system, it must be reminded the following matters.

(1) Provide guarantee letter specifying that

‐You directory provide HAWB information to Japan Customs on behalf of the captain of the mentioned flight who has all responsibilities for the information provision to Japan Customs.

‐You have full responsibility for the penalty against customs regulation violation.

(2) Please describe the word "HAWB information is directly submitted to customs" in handling information column on MAWB.

For Courier, Small Package (include e-commerce etc) cargo, we ask you to send House AWB information directly to Japan customs on behalf.

5.Non data provision in advance.

If you don’t submit any cargo information in timely manner, it might be possible to deny to accept or offload your shipment.


We will not use the contents of cargo information submitted by customers except for transportation purposes. Also, unless instructed by the authorities, we do not disclose it to outside including the authorities.


If penalties (penalty, refusal of cargo removal, landing disapproval etc) are imposed to airlines by Japan Customs, after confirming the cause, if the customer is found negligent, We may ask for damages based on the clause Conditions of carriage) and the provisions of the Civil Code.

PDF“Request to Register HAWB Information”

For further inquiries:Please mail to General Affairs