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October 15, 2019

CEIV Pharma

Valued Customers

NCA is participating in the Narita Airport Community for CEIV Pharma

At Nippon Cargo Airlines Ltd. (NCA), we are pleased to announce our participation in the Narita Airport Community for CEIV Pharma beginning in October, 2019.

The Narita Airport Community is organized by NAA (Narita International Airport Corporation) and focuses on providing CEIV Pharma certifications for pharmaceutical air transportation, which is promoted by IATA.

By acquiring a CEIV Pharma certification, NCA proves its comprehensive knowledge of GDP (appropriate logistics standards for medical / pharmaceutical logistics). In addition, NCA provides world-class transportation quality while handling air transportation for pharmaceuticals.

NCA will continue to work to further improve transportation quality.

CEIV Pharma

"The Center of Excellence for Independent Validation in Pharmaceutical Logistics". Quality certification program for pharmaceutical air transport formulated by IATA in 2014. Quality assurance through safety, security, compliance and efficiency.



“Good Distribution Practice” A basic guideline that guarantees the quality of distribution processes such as storage and transportation in the process from pharmaceutical manufacturing to supply to final consumers in accordance with internationally harmonized standards conforming to GDP established by the United Nations.