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San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Airport name   San Francisco International airport
  900 North Access Road, San Francisco Int'l Airport,
San Francisco, CA94128.
Access Map
Refrigerator Yes

44℉ (6℃~7 ℃)

Accommodates 4 x 10ft pallet positions and space for loose cargo (approx. 600 ft²)

Freezer No  
Temperature &
control room

40℉ (4~5)

Accommodates 2 x 10ft pallet positions or 1 x 20ft pallet with dolly ( approx. 450 ft²) 40℉ - 75℉

Live animal room No  
Valuable room Yes Security cage (chain link fence) - 400 ft²
Heavy duty forklift Yes MAX cargo weight up to 16ton
for crane
Yes Upon request
for dry ice
Yes For particulars, apply to the below department (not for Dangerous Goods)
NCA customer service   TEL +1-650-589-8560
FAX +1-650-821-9162
Export Cargo   TEL/FAX: the same as above
Import cargo   TEL/FAX: the same as above