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Embargo List
★ Partly revised on December 12, 2014.
Description / Commodity Applied area / point Effective
All wild caught birds regardless of restricted items as described in CITES ( The Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

-Following wild caught birds are excepted;
  1. Private pet birds
  2. Birds consigned to the public zoo and research institute for the purpose of protection of species
All lanes
  1. -Explosives / Gun powder
  2. -Weapon (Parts, accessories and equipment etc.)
  3. -Gun / Bullet / Cartridges (Parts, Accessories and equipment etc.)

Cargoes exported from Narita or imported to Narita will be accepted only under following obligations;

 [Import to Japan]

     Import approval by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade

     and Industry (METI) was granted.

 [Export to Japan]

     Export permission by METI was granted.

Cargoes of transit via Narita will be embartoed in principle.

To / from / via Japan

(revised on '13/7/10)

All live animals.
However, exception is made to the followings.

  1. Cat and Dog when consigned to private person

      as  pet animal

  2. Mice for laboratory use
  3. Insect
  4. Reptile
  5. Amphibian animal
  6. Tropical fish for aquarium use

    7. Horse



(partly revised on '14/12/12)

Any Type B package, Type C package, SCO or LSA Materials in Industrial Packaging, Packages containing Uranium Hexafluoride, and Fissile Materials (including fissile-excepted)

However, following radioactive material which does not contain fissile-excepted will be accepted with the prior approval of the government of Japan, authorities of states concerned and the VP & General Manager, Operations Management, Nippon Cargo Airlines.

UN2916 -
Radioactive material, Type B(U) package, non-fissile or fissile excepted

All lanes


(partly revised on '13/8/13)

Prairie dog To Japan
Bat or Mastomys natalensis To Japan

All Dangerous Goods except the following

  Dangerous Goods Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

From SHA


Charges collect shipments NCA's off-line points
Laboratory Animals (Experimental Animals) All lanes


 [Export from Japan]

   All kinds of monkeys can be accepted.

 [Import to/transit via Japan]

   All kinds of monkeys are still embargoed.

From Japan

To/via Japan