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Aircraft and Unit

Nose Cargo Door
The nose cargo door is located at the front of a jumbo jet. It is used for loading and unloading long-sized cargo, horses, etc.

Door Size    

Height : 248cm (98in)
Width :

Upper... 264cm (104in)

Lower....325cm (128in)

Nose Cargo Door

Main Deck Compartment
The main deck is equipped with two sets of air- conditioning systems and can accommodate up to 30 cargo units. Our professional staff has a thorough knowledge of the aircraft's systems and cargo, and will assign your shipment to the most suitable position.

*Available for 20ft cargo unit
*Available for 16ft cargo unit
*Lock: Restraint to hold a ULD in place
*PDU (Power Drive Unit) 
*Air conditioning system : 4C-29C(40F-84F)

Main Deck Compartment

NCA freighters are equipped with four powerful engines. Their condition is checked as a top priority during maintenance rounds, and all the engines are inspected by a captain and experienced mechanics for every flight.

Also, after every 1,500 hours of flight, our maintenance staff scrutinizes the interior of the engines with a flexible "boa-scope" that resembles a medical gastrocamera.


Side Cargo Door
The side cargo door located behind the left wing on the main deck is the largest in height and width.

Door Size     Height : 304cm (120in)
Width : 340cm (134in)
Side Cargo Door

Main Deck Loader
The main deck loader has an elevating platform for loading / unloading ULDs, it is attached to the nose or side cargo door on the main deck.