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NCA History

This book relates the 20-year history of NCA.

   It covers various landmark events, including the hardships the company experienced

immediately after it was established, the expansion of its network and the start of its

international services, as well as continous efforts to provide high-quality transportation

services and ensure safe oprations.  We hope you enjoy it.

Front Cover / Color Photos, Part 1 / MessagePDF File (23 Pages : 1,259KB)
Chapter 1 Before our foundingPDF File
  1. Towards the open sky
  2. The 19-year journey from concept to reality
  3. On the eve of breaking the international-route monopoly
  4. Debating the claim of oversupply
  5. The long-awaited first flight stretches its wings
(19 Pages : 156KB)
Chapter 2 NCA’s first 10 yearsPDF File
  1. NCA spreads its wings (19851987)
  2. Expanding networks (19881990)
  3. Aiming to be a major player in the 21st century (19911994)
(23 Pages : 236KB)
Chapter 3 On the path to becoming a member of the incumbent carrier groupPDF File
  1. Aviation negotiations
  2. Changes in the route network
  3. Response to changing markets
  4. Development of facilities
  5. Promotion of increased use of information technology
  6. Improving transport quality
(25 Pages : 284KB)
Chapter 4 The era of crisis managementPDF File
  1. Simultaneous terror attacks in the USA
  2. Response to crisis management
(17 Pages : 648KB)
Chapter 5 Becoming a more competitive companyPDF File
  1. The way NCA should go
  2. Constant effort and creation of structure for safe operations
  3. With new aircraft
  4. The coming 10 years
(18 Pages : 172KB)
AppendixPDF File (39 Pages : 360KB)
Editors’ Comments / Explanatory notesPDF File (4 Pages : 64KB)