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Dangerous Goods Information

Pdf. format of Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods can be downloaded here.

Important Information for handling of Dangerous Goods

  1. Lithium battery handling summary
  2. Nippon Cargo Airlines only accepts Overpacked metal-made package containing Dangerous Goods.
    Not only Japan, but also many countries and air carriers have reported the incidents of leakage from metal-made package, sometime it jeopardizes the our safety.
    ICAO Technical Instructions For The Safe Transport Of Dangerous Goods By Air also recommend that single steel or aluminium packagings shall be overpacked to protect from damage or leakage that may bring serious accident.
    Accordingly, all customers are kindly requested to understand our situation and to observe following overpack requirement for metal-made package when shipping.
    This requirements also apply to non-DG shipment. (Effective from June 4, 2013)

    • Overpack requirement
          Single packagings Conbination packagings Composite packagings
      Steel drums 1A1   Acceptable with overpack


               without overpack

      Aluminium drums 1B1
      Drums of metal other than aluminium or steel 1N1
      Steel jerricans 3A1
      Alminium jerricans 3B1
    • Methods for overpack
      Following overpack is acceptable. Wooden flame or wooden box is also acceptable.
      In the case of full-covered overpack for these package, marking and labeling requirement by IATA must be complied with.

    • An example

      An example