Nippon Cargo Airlines(NCA) as a strategic specialist of transporting cargo, we make full use of the abundant experience and know-how we have acquired over the years.

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Corporate Profile

Directors and Auditors

( As of April 1, 2017 )

Chairman of the Board Yasumi Kudo  
President & Chief Executive Officer Fukashi Sakamoto Emergency Response Planning Committee
Safety Promotion Committee
Compliance Committee
Senior Executive Managing Director Takashi Saito Chief Safety Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Flight Operations
Flight Crew
Check Pilot
Senior Managing Director Hitoshi Oshika Cargo Business
Director (New) Tatsuya Iida Chief Compliance Officer
Legal Affairs
Internal Audit
General Affairs
IT Strategy
Senior Vice President Hiroyuki Homma Business Planning & Strategy
NCA Americas Headquarters
Europe Region
Senior Vice President Hiroshi Oka Cargo & Ground Operations
President & Chief Executive Officer,
NCA Japan Co., Ltd.
Senior Vice President Kiyoji Matsuda Engineering & Maintenance
Senior Vice President Shinji Soeda Corporate Planning
Finance & Accounting
Senior Vice President (New) Masaya Suzuki Japan Sales
Senior Vice President (New) Keita Sataka Safety Promotion
Safety Internal Audit
System Operations Control
Corporate Auditor Tai Kato  
Corporate Auditor (External Officer) Takashi Domyo