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NCA Action Charter

Since the founding of Nippon Cargo Airlines in 1978, our employees have endeavored to ensure safe flight operations and contribute to the progress of societies, economies, and cultures around the world through the transportation of air cargo. To achieve the utmost in customer satisfaction, we will continue to encourage advancement and enhancement that will ensure that our transport services lead the industry. As a good corporate citizen and in accordance with our corporate philosophy of creating a better global society, we hereby establish the NCA Action Charter.

1. Philosophy of Safety
Safety is the bedrock of our business and our duty to society. All members of the NCA Group will make an effort to trust each other and work together as an organization to enhance safety. All of us will strive to improve our knowledge and skills in order to sincerely and responsibly support safe operations.

2. Social Mission
As a company specializing in the air cargo transportation, we will offer high-quality transport services, meet the trust and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, and thereby contribute to the progress of society.

3. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances
As a responsible corporate member of society, we shall not only comply with laws and international rules but also respect the cultures and customs of different countries and areas and carry out corporate activities with a good moral understanding and social common sense.

4. Conservation of the Global Environment
Understanding the importance of the impact of corporate activities on the global environment, we will establish a policy to protect the environment, endeavor to reduce the burden on and preserve the global environment, as well as actively address the creation of a sustainable society.

5. Fair Practices
We shall undertake fair, transparent, proper practices and free competition, and endeavor to build a mutually trusting relationship with customers and business partners in order to achieve mutually sound progress.

6. Strengthening of Security
We shall endeavor to maintain security to prevent our equipment, airport facilities, etc., from being exposed to danger in any form, and to prevent illegal access to and leakage of the intelligence that our company possesses.

7. Disclosure of Information
We shall actively disclose proper corporate information at appropriate times and endeavor to increase our communications with society.

8. Opposition to Antisocial Activities
We are resolutely opposed to any antisocial activities and groups that threaten the order and security of civil society.

9. Ensuring a Comfortable Working Environment

We shall respect the diversity, personalities, and individuality of every employee, and endeavor to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

The management, recognizing the embodiment of this charter’s spirit as its mission, will take the lead in setting a good example to others, make this known to all employees, thoroughly inform concerned parties of the charter, and install an effective intracompany system. In the event of a violation of applicable laws, misconduct, or other serious or urgent incidents that run counter to this charter, the management will be responsible for promptly and accurately endeavoring to locate the cause, taking steps to solve the problem, and preventing it from occurring again.

Established in December 2008