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Special Cargo
Oversized Cargo Oversized Cargo

Freighter equipped with Nose Cargo Door facilitates handling of diverse types of oversized cargo.

Helicopter Helicopter

Making full use of techniques and skills acquired as a cargo airline, NCA can handle special cargo such as helicopters as shown.

Cherry Cherry

Fine-tuning temperature in the aircraft, NCA will deliver perishable cargo to customers, maintaining freshness of the cargo.

Vehicle Vehicle

With accumulated know-how and skills, NCA transports a wide variety of motor vehicles, without damages during their flight.

Horse Horse

NCA allows horse-keepers to board the aircraft with the horses. Therefore it is possible to transport the horses safely.

Semiconductor production equipment Semiconductor production equipment

Using our special manual for the transport of precision machinery, which is prone to damages with slight shock during transportation, NCA will deliver the cargo safely to customers.