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Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
Airport name   Hong Kong International Airport
  Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd.
SuperTerminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport
Access Map
DG Room Yes 209 ㎡
Refrigerator Yes 1550 ㎡ (capacity for 46 ULD's and loose cargo)
Freezer Yes 760 ㎡(capacity for 8 ULD's and loose cargo)
Temperature &
control room
No 3/F and 4/F workstations are air conditioned to provide staff with a comfortable and healthy working environment
Live animal room Yes 162 ㎡
Valuable room Yes 333 ㎡
Heavy duty forklift Yes MAX cargo weight up to 16 ton
for crane
Yes MAX lifting weight will depend on the capacity of the crane being hired, normally a crane can lift whatever the aircraft can carry
for dry ice
Yes For particulars, apply to the below departments.
NCA customer service   TEL +852-2753-2403
FAX +852-2753-2402
Export Cargo   TEL +852-2753-2421
FAX +852-2753-2402
Import cargo   TEL +852-2753-2420
FAX +852-2753-2402