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Our Service Introduction

Our Service Introduction NCA, Japan's one and only cargo airline company, has accumulated extensive experience in air freighting and handling diverse types of cargo. By making full use of its cutting-edge freight technology, NCA is able to forward any type of cargo - from small packages to food, drugs, super-precision machinery and works of art - that are generally considered difficult to transport. NCA uses the most advanced technology to transport the cargo safely and surely.

ULD (Unit Load Device)
Holding your goods from the rich well of the ULD to select from among the best to carry you.
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NCA Priority Service
NCA Thermo+
To provide safe and high quality of temperature controlled transportation.
NCA Express
for your urgent small size shipments.
NCA Freight
for your urgent large size shipments.
NCA Space
for any sort of shipments with guaranteed space.
NCA Super Sensitive
for Stepper to provide super-high quality handling.
NCA Sensitive
for shipments with a Shock Watch to provide high quality handling.
for masterpiece of Art Work to provide special care.
NCA Vehicle
for uncrated vehicle to provide special care.
Special Cargo
Spcial Cargo NCA promises to carry all kinds of cargo under best condition with cordial care.

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Charter flight services
Charter Service In addition to operating regular flight services and in order to meet the diverse needs of its customers, NCA also provides charter flight services.

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New Traffic Equipments
One-Pallet 96Air Based on the NCA's Freighter operating know-how, NCA is cooperatively working with several manufactuer to develop, introduce New Traffic Equipments.

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