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Embargo List
★ Partly revised on July 16, 2019.
Description / Commodity Applied area / point Effective
All wild caught birds regardless of restricted items as described in CITES ( The Convention on International Trade In Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)

-Following wild caught birds are excepted;
  1. Private pet birds
  2. Birds consigned to the public zoo and research institute for the purpose of protection of species
All lanes
  1. -Explosives / Gun powder
  2. -Weapon (Parts, accessories and equipment etc.)
  3. -Gun / Bullet / Cartridges (Parts, Accessories and equipment etc.)

Cargoes exported from Narita or imported to Narita will be accepted only under following obligations;

 [Import to Japan]

     Import approval by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade

     and Industry (METI) was granted.

 [Export from Japan]

     Export permission by METI or Agency for Cultural Affairs was granted.

Transit cargo listed above 1,2,3 (including sports and hunting use) via Narita is embargo.

To / from / via Japan

(revised on '13/7/10)

Any Type B package, Type C package, SCO or LSA Materials in Industrial Packaging, Packages containing Uranium Hexafluoride, and Fissile Materials (including fissile-excepted)

However, following radioactive material which does not contain fissile-excepted will be accepted with the prior approval of the government of Japan, authorities of states concerned and the VP & General Manager, Operations Management, Nippon Cargo Airlines.

UN2916 -
Radioactive material, Type B(U) package, non-fissile or fissile excepted

All lanes


(partly revised on '13/8/13)

Prairie dog To Japan
Bat or Mastomys natalensis To Japan

All Dangerous Goods except the following

  1. Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods(Including UN3530)
  2. Engines which are assigned to UN3528(Class 3) or UN3529(Division 2.1).
From SHA


Charges collect shipments NCA's off-line points
Laboratory Animals (Experimental Animals) All lanes


 [Export from Japan]

   All kinds of monkeys can be accepted.

 [Import to/transit via Japan]

   All kinds of monkeys are still embargoed.

From Japan

To/via Japan


All Live Animals which need quarantine

To / via HHN


All Dangerous Goods including Dangerous Goods in excepted quantities.Please inquiry acceptability for NCA sales rep.

To China


Any cargo/mail which is originated, transferred from, or transited through any point in below countries.
(NCA MAWB/Other carrier MAWB)

  • Somalia
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Egypt

All lanes