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Safety measures
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Safety Management System

1.Establishment of a Safety Promotion Committee
The Safety Promotion Committee is comprised of the NCA President & CEO as the chairperson
of the committee, Senior Vice Presidents of the individual divisions serving as committee members, and representatives from the safety promotion organizations within those divisions as steering members (associate committee members). It discusses and determines important policies on safety. In principle, the committee holds meetings once every three months.

2.Safety Internal Audit
An safety internal audit is undertaken to check whether or not issues relating to safety are being carried out under the safety management system and that the system is functioning effectively.
The inspection will be conducted by in-house auditors with auditing qualifications.

3.Safety Promotional Activity

  • Full inspection on safe flight operations during the year end and New Year season.
  • Drill for a major aircraft accident.
  • Publication of "The Safety"

Other activities to promote safe flight operations

NCA undertakes a full inspection of all flight operations including maintenance and freight service at the end of every year and over the New Year season. Under the strong leadership of our top management, the autonomous inspection is designed to increase awareness of safe freight operations and to improve safety levels.

Training for a major aircraft accident
NCA undertakes regular training simulations to precisely cope with accidents and simultaneously improve crisis management capability.

Publication of "The Safety"
In the past, timely information on safety-related topics has been made available via Safety News. We have recently decided to improve and revamp Safety News to keep updated on the latest developments in the form of a new internal safety information periodical, "The Safety" and through company portal web site.