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Safety measures
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Education and training

NCA conducts a wide-ranging training program for its crews to ensure safe and high-quality flight operations.

The training includes a number of programs, including lectures to reinforce knowledge, emergency escape drills using a full-size mock-up of an aircraft and practice flights using simulation equipment.

Bearing in mind the fact that human beings make mistakes, all training is carried out from the standpoint of how to prevent human errors from occurring. Instruments in the cockpit, installed in an orderly line, are designed to prevent the crew from making errors and false assumptions.
Most flight training uses simulators because crews are able to undergo all training without any risk, including maneuvers that would be dangerous if using a real aircraft. In the simulation, crews experience extraordinary incidents that are very unlikely to occur in normal operations in order to learn the appropriate responses to emergency situations.

In addition, crews are taught how to communicate with other crews to reduce the number of human-error incidents to close to zero.

As we have already stated, the safety of NCA’s flight operations are firmly maintained by training crews to respond to various situations, which is far beyond simply pilot practice.