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Corporate Social Responsibility

NCA's Activities for Environmental Conservation

Cargo transportation by aircraft has become an indispensable element in order to support the present life style. However, aircraft consume large quantity of fossil fuel and emit CO2 during operation. In addition, they also require consumption of various kinds of auxiliary materials to be used for safe and secure cargo transportation and therefore environmental burden associated with business activities is by no means small. NCA takes such situation seriously and responds to the social demand for the environment steadily not only by incorporating conservation of earth's environment into "Behavioral Charter" and "Corporate Philosophy" but also by clarifying activities for environmental conservation in the "Environmental Policy".

NCA will make serious efforts for environmental conservation in the future as well in conformity with its "Environmental Policy".


[ The NCA Corporate Philosophy ](Extract)

    We will uphold our compliance commitments as responsible corporate citizens and bring about a better global society through environmental conservation efforts and social contributions.

[ NCA Action Charter ](Extract)

    Conservation of the Global Environment
    Understanding the importance of the impact of corporate activities on the global environment, we will establish a policy to protect the environment, endeavor to reduce the burden on and preserve the global environment, as well as actively address the creation of a sustainable society.