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Corporate Social Responsibility

Safety measures
Safety measures Bearing in mind our policy of “Safety Takes Precedence Over All,” NCA undertakes its daily business cross-sectionally in an attempt to achieve this policy. To coincide with the revision in October 2006 of the Aviation Law, NCA instituted its "Safety Management Manual" and established a basic policy on safety promotion as below:

  1. It is NCA’s corporate responsibility and at the same time, the basis for its management, to ensure the safety of people’s lives, cargo, equipment and property.
  2. The Company fulfills its social mission as an air transport operator by placing safety as the standard for all its operations and by adhering to laws, ordinances and regulations on safety.
  3. All executives and staff shall commit themselves to the pursuit of higher levels of safety by always expanding their knowledge and skills, by mutually trusting one another and by working together systematically.
  4. The company shall operate a Safety Management System (SMS) for aircraft operations and seek to improve safety levels continually.
  5. It shall immediately clarify the duties, responsibilities, authorities and interaction of corporate organizations involved in safety issues, and stipulate duties and work procedures required for aircraft operations to implement SMS firmly.


Safety is our promise to the public and is the foundation of our business

We assure the Safety with organized cooperation based on mutual respect

We maintain the Safety through individual performance and dedication
backed by continuously improved knowledge and ability

2007.08.09 Order placed for construction of a crew training center and an engineering & Maintenance and inspection hangar