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Corporate Social Responsibility

NCA's Activities for Environmental Conservation

Activities related to Facilities
Line Maintenance Hangar

Line Maintenance Hanger

NCA built maintenance hangar at the maintenance area of Narita Airport and started its operation from June 2009. This hanger has the size to accommodate one currently-used B747-400 Freighter or one B747-8 Freighter to be introduced in the future. As "Polycarbonate" having high translucency of natural light is used for the wall and giant doors, doorways for the aircraft, maintenance work can be conducted without illumination of the lights in the daytime combined with the large-size skylight installed on the roof. Furthermore, NCA pays utmost consideration to the environment through introduction of various kinds of ecology items such as "balance type natural ventilation window", "aircraft washing with rainwater", and "rooftop gardening", etc. and expects reduction of annual CO2 emission by about 30% in comparison with the conventional hanger.

NCA Line Maintenance Hangar LeafletPDF File(4,706KB)

Electrically-operated Flight Simulator

Electrically-operated Flight Simulator

It is mainstream method to utilize flight simulators which are equipped cockpit with visual display for crew training today. This simulator is installed in the Flight Crew Training Center which started its operation in October 2008. The simulator that NCA introduced recently is the latest electrically-operated type and is environment-friendly because it reduces not only waste oil, etc. but also its electric power consumption during operation to about one quarter in comparison with conventional hydraulically-operated type.