Nippon Cargo Airlines(NCA) as a strategic specialist of transporting cargo, we make full use of the abundant experience and know-how we have acquired over the years.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

NCA's Activities for Environmental Conservation

Environmental Policy

          1.Environmental Pollution Control

          ・Control environmental pollution by aircrafts or equipments under safety operation.

          ・Reduce waste stuffs and enhance recycles.

          ・Participate,work in research and development next generation's fuel by one team.

          2.Energy Saving                                         

          ・Save the major fuel consumptions by aircraft operations.

          ・Improve fuel efficiency and reduce environmental impact by most advanced aircrafts.

          ・Move ahead on "Paper Free"by relative documents.

          3.Compliance Environmental Laws and Regulations 

          ・Self management or abidance by environmental laws and regulations.

          ・Plan annual action policy based on compliance.

          ・Take immediate actions for relative requirements caused by environment.

April 1, 2014